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We Build Our People

In addition to building projects, Rabren General Contractors believes in building people. We believe that employee growth is a “career-long conversation,” not something that only happens once a year during a Performance Review. We strive to give our employees the tools that they need in order to advance in their careers and we seek talented and motivated employees to become a part of the Rabren family.

We believe strongly in the core values of Driving for Success, Striving for Improvement, Creating Trust with Character and Action, Teaming Up, Solving Complex Problems and Building RGC People, and we know that employees that share those values will thrive here at Rabren General Contractors.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages and take pride in being a company where are employees can learn and grow with us. For more information, please contact us.

Our Current Openings

RGC Career Program "Rabren U"

We are excited that you have an interests in joining the RGC Career Program because we know the future of the Construction Industry is for YOU! Great opportunities present themselves for the young men and women that are willing to learn and work hard.

For individuals that would rather skip the college classroom and start a career in the construction industry, Rabren General Contractors is the team for you. You’ll learn straight from industry leaders, receive full-time paid employment, employer benefits (health insurance, 401(k), etc.), and hands on training programs!

For an Application, contact Jacob Drescher at or 334-826-6143

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2020 Summer Internship Program

Education Requirements & Eligibility:
The RGC Internship Program is open to college students (undergraduate to graduate) studying a relevant field of education (i.e. Construction Management, Building Science, Civil Engineering, etc.) and are interested in pursuing a professional career in the construction industry.

Work/Time Requirements:
RGC’s Internship Program is offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Start/end dates and the hours available to work will coincide with the student’s school schedule. The Intern must be available to work full-time to be considered for the RGC Internship Program.

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Field Engineer

The Field Engineer is responsible for assisting in the layout and controls of project work to ensure that the project is completed on time, to the customer’s satisfaction and in a highly collaborative manner with all members of the Project Team. This position will work with the Field Operations Team and will assist in obtaining, evaluating and coordinating all information needed to construct the project in accordance with the contract documents and to assure that the work meets all safety standards and is within schedule requirements.

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The Superintendent is responsible for the successful daily coordination and direction of the project to make sure the project is safe, within budget, on schedule and in compliance with RGC’s Best Practices. This position will coordinate and schedule multiple construction crews, determine job requirements, plans, procedures and ensures subcontract work meets required specifications, all in a highly collaborative manner with the Project Team.

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Superintendent, Assistant

The Assistant Superintendent is responsible for the support of the Superintendent or Senior Superintendent in accordance with RGC’s Best Practices. This position will assist in the coordination and scheduling of multiple construction teams, help determine construction requirements and ensure that subcontract work meets required specifications. The Assistant Superintendent will also assist in the inspection of work and equipment to verify safety and ensure project specifications are met while working in a highly collaborative manner with all members of the Project Team.

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Project Manager, Assistant

The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for supporting the Project Manager and/or Senior Project Manager in accordance with RGC’s Best Practices. This position will work with the external and internal project teams to facilitate project documentation and delivery requirements and ensure effective communication and progress through the administration and coordination of projects. The APM will assist the Senior Project Manager, Project Manager and Superintendents in multiple components of the project. All aspects of the APM’s work will be performed in a highly collaborative manner with all members of the Project Team.

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Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for successfully managing the entire construction project from start to finish. This position will administer the safe completion of the project within budget and on schedule, all in accordance with RGC’s best practices and with a high degree of profitability and Owner satisfaction. The Project Manager will work in a highly collaborative manner with the internal and external project teams in managing the components of the project.

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