Our Purpose is to deliver exceptional results for our clients & employees, whatever it takes.

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Our Story:

Founded by Mike and Travis Rabren in 2000, Rabren General Contractors (“RGC”) began as a small General Contractor in Auburn, AL. In 2003, Matt Rabren, current President & CEO joined the ownership ranks of the company. All three men shared a common purpose and desire to build a construction company with the same principles that they were taught growing up:

     “Treat everyone as you would want to be treated, work hard, be honest, be fair, and get the job done right.”

Based on those principles, through a results driven mentality and exceptional leadership, RGC has developed into one of the most reputable, multi-service General Contractors in the state of Alabama. Voted on by employees as one of the best places to work in the state of Alabama, RGC aims to build people and projects alike with a continued commitment to take on tomorrow’s world of construction. In 2017, RGC created a Birmingham, AL office, providing an opportunity grow the business, recruit new talent and enter a new market.

RGC will never be in neutral and aims to not only expand geographically, but into new markets as well, continuing to do business with the same integrity and values that the company was built on.

At RGC, we build more than just buildings, we build communities.

Our Success Factors | "What Counts" at RGC

Drive for Results

Building Blocks:
- Gets results in the following areas: safety, budget, quality, schedule and relationships; self-motivated and diligent
- Selects the right priority when juggling multiple tasks
- Values and uses time effectively, including the time of others
- Pushes self and others for results in a healthy, positive way; endurance to finish on time and done right, no matter the challenge
- Works to achieve a work/life balance
- Builds and maintains strong professional reputation with Owners, Architects and Subs by doing the big and small things well
- Seeks to know other influential people, which gives RGC a competitive advantage

Team Up

Building Blocks:
- Follows RGC Best Practices and communicates all potential improvements to the Best Practices Team
- Communicates clearly on all levels (verbal and written - emails, reports)
- Understands own role and the roles of other RGC team members
- Collaborates well with others, both inside and outside RGC; gets the support of others
- Volunteers own best effort whether leading or following...participates, engages, offers ideas, collects and uses input from all team members

Strive for Improvement

Building Blocks:
- Admits to and learns from my own and project/program mistakes, failures and experiences; shares and implements lessons learned
- Acknowledges what he/she doesn't know
- Hungry to learn the building business - to be a Construction Expert
- Uses talents and expertise to increase efficiency and productivity
- Looks for important trends and innovations; positions RGC for the future

Solve Complex Problems

Building Blocks:
- Treats problems with urgency; promptly communicates major problems to RGC leadership
- Uses smart judgment to make decisions and solve problems, integrates both "gut feel" and facts
- Strategically plans ahead to avoid problems, constantly thinks about the next step, never assumes what can be verified
- Demonstrates the ability to align every decision with RGC's goals
- Deals directly with straight-talk to solve problems

Create Trust with Character & Action

Building Blocks:
- Understands that character is built day by day; demonstrates integrity in every single decision and every single action
- Always straightforward and honest with everyone; tells people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear
- When angry or upset, "puts on the brakes" - stops and calms down before doing anything else
- Keeps confidences on a need to know basis
- Consistently does more than expected

Build RGC People

Building Blocks:
- Listens constantly and effectively, enters every conversation ready to listen
- Trains and coaches other employees with consistency
- Seeks and values strong feedback
- Sees leadership as a role that serves rather than a position to be served
- Delegates to the right people at the right time
- Quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own; compliments and praises without hesitation
- Recruits new employees who are "humble, hungry and people smart"