RGC Ranks #5 for Best Companies to Work for in Alabama 2018

August 21, 2018

Rabren General Contractors Inc., based in Auburn, was founded in 2000 by Mike and Travis Rabren, who were joined in 2003 by Matt Rabren as an owner.

The company has experience in all sectors of the industry, including commercial, healthcare, retail and mixed-use, hospitality, government, student and multi-family housing.

Employees cite owner concern for employees, a learning environment and a sense of being part of the business as reasons the company is a great place to work.

“One of the reasons Rabren is such a great place to work, is that Matt Rabren makes each employee feel like an extended member of the Rabren family,” says Che Odom, the company’s marketing and business administrator. “We truly know that he thinks about what is best for us when he makes decisions. One example is this year we had a premium increase on our health insurance, and rather than pass that on to us, he chose to have the company cover a larger percentage, resulting in almost no added cost to the employees.”

“It is not only a great environment to work in, but a great environment to learn in. Each person is invested in the learning, growth and success of their coworkers, and this has been a great place to learn,” says Mercer Clark, a Rabren intern.

“For me, I feel that I don’t just ‘work’ here, but I am truly ‘a part’ of something, ‘a part’ of the business. I have been here for 16 years, and even through the growth of this company, we have been able to retain our values and integrity. It feels good to work for a company where I know that we will always do the right thing,” says Project Manager Bruce Ward Sr.

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