The leadership team at Rabren General Contractors (RGC) places the highest value on creating a work environment that is safe and healthy. Whether it’s our workers, subcontractors, or the general public, we want to ensure that each and every individual working with RGC is provided with the utmost care and protection. We believe that a commitment to safety is not only a corporate responsibility, but also a personal one that has an impact on our coworkers, loved ones, and the communities we serve. Our goal is not just to meet basic safety standards, but to raise the bar, and strive every day to send our workers home safely, knowing that their hard work and contributions are truly appreciated and valued.

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Safety is second nature. Here at Rabren, we take great pride in our safety culture and passing that along to our subcontractors...You have to build those relationships with the project team. Building great relationships play a key role in the safety profession.

Geoff Chambers, Director of Safety

Awards & Recognition

SubAla General Contractors Safety Award – 2017

National Safety Council Perfect Record Award – 2017

ABC Alabama STEP Gold Award – 2021, 2022, 2023

Alabama AGC Supervisor Safety Award – 2022

President’s Circle Risk Control Excellence Award – 2022

ABC Alabama Safest in the Industry Gold Award – 2023